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Running ExPerfWiz on Windows 2012



The script doesn't recognize Windows 2012 so end in error.
Added the following line of code in GetOSVersion function do the job :
If (($OSVerMajor -eq 6) -and ($OSVerMinor -eq 2)){$script:Windows2008R2 = $true} # Windows2012 act as Windows2008R2
It's faster than adding a new condition in each if statement, We're a bit lazy in the south ;-)

I suppose that Windows 2012R2 as an OSVerMinor of 3. But haven't got one to test and I don't know if the behavior is different.

Hope that help.

Daniel Falconetti
Closed Sep 27, 2014 at 5:01 PM by brenle
1.3.8 added support for Server 2012/Exchange 2013.